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Demino marathon



Yaroslavl Oblast 03 Mar 2018 – 04 Mar 2018

Traditionally the count-down of Demino marathons is under way since 2007. But few people know that Demino held marathons in March for the past 15-20 years. Traditionally, the race was attended by locals, enthusiasts, veterans of skiing, and the number of participants was usually no more than 60 people. The first official Demino Marathon was carried out on March, 19, 2007. The spectators and the participants of this marathon can hardly forget about heavy weather conditions at that time. The winter 2006-2007 wasn’t good for the skiers: the winter was late and the spring came early. The organizers were busy with the preservation of the course the whole March till the marathon. As a result only 5 km of the distance were preserved out of 25 km, that’s why the athletes had to pass one and the same lap for 10 times. About 100 people kicked off the Demino Marathon; this number was more than the number of the informal races, but less than the number of the following marathons.

In 2009 the Demino Marathon organizers set the ambitious problem to clear the bar of 1000 participants. Since 2009 the Marathon organizers started thinking about the conquering new peak – the inclusion into the series of the world’s best marathons WorldLoppet. Worldloppet is the peak which the organizers of all ski marathons in the world work for. There are a lot of marathons in the world (about a hundred in Russia), and Worldloppet includes only 16 marathons. Worldloppet marathons are held on four continents (North America, Australia, Europe and Asia), but most of them are conducted in the European West. The highest level of conduct, extraordinary training and a lot of participants is present there.

The Demino Ski Marathon 2010 has attracted new participants in many ways. Rybinsk competitions set a new record of mass (1 248 athletes kicked off, 1 193 have finished) and became the largest marathon in Russia. Due to the fact that the Demino Ski Marathon-2010 overcame the “control” mark of 1 000 participants, it allowed to get under all the formal requirements of WORLDLOPPET. The Demino Ski Marathon – 2012 became a crucial point in history of Russian skiing. It was rests with its results whether the young Russian marathon will be included into the elite world skiing. Therefore, all forces had been thrown to the preparation. So, for example, for the first time in the history of the Demino Ski Marathon electronic chips were used to secure the result. In addition, the marathon has a new slogan – “The Big Race of Big Russia.” The preparations were not accidental: this marathon was attended by the Worldloppet visiting committee, which was to assess the scale and level of competition organization. On March, 17 more than 1 600 participants kicked off the 50 km Golden race. The General Secretary of the Worldloppet Executive Committee Angelo Corradini attended the Demino Ski Marathon and run the 50 km distance up to the end, personally making sure about the quality of the course and marathon preparation.

On June 15, 2012 at the Annual General Meeting in Tartu (Estonia) Demino ski marathon was accepted into the family of elite ski marathons Worldloppet.



17:00 – Pasta party (Champion café, 1st floor)

18:00 – Meeting for Worldloppet Masters (Champion café, 2nd floor)


11:00 – “XI Traditional International Demino Ski Marathon FIS/ WORLDLOPPET 2018” 50 km FT (free technique) marathon, WAVE MASS START (3-minute interval between groups/waves)

14:30 – Awarding ceremony


10:00 – Demino Baby ski marathon 1 km CT (classic technique). Mass start

10:20 – 5 km CT race (classic technique) – junior men/ladies of 2004-2006 Mass start

10:40 – 10 km CT race (classic technique) – JM1 2002-2003, JL1 2000-2003 Mass start

11:00 – WORLDLOPPET 25 km CT (classic technique) – ladies and men of junior, main age groups, athletes of middle and senior age. Mass start.


– The number of the participants is limited to 2200 (two thousand and two hundred) people for the WORLDLOPPET 50 km FT (free technique) race. To compete in the main 50 km FT race, men must be at least 19 years old, ladies must be at least 21 years old and have special training.

– 25 km CT (classic style) race, 04.03.2018 – ladies and men of junior (SM, SL), main age groups, athletes of middle and senior age, limit: 300 ATHLETES. Men must be at least 17 years old, ladies must be at least 19 years old and have special training.

– 10 km CT (classic style) race – junior ladies and junior men, limit: 100 athletes.

JM1 2002 – 2003–

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